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Some of these models need to be pedigreed. If you can help please let me know! =)

Something Else
OF Breyer new mold SM stock horse.
Shown as an Appaloosa mare.
This girl started showing this year and has done rather well. She's placed first a few times and has been overall stock breed reserve champion once.
She needs parents!
War Horizon
OF WC Micro Mini.
Has been shown once as an Appaloosa gelding, and actually placed 4th out of 12 in the geldings 6 and over class.
Bright Eagle
OF WC Micro Mini
This mare has not been shown and probably never will be.
Mighty Souix
OF WC Micro Mini
This girl has been shown once, and actually placed 10th out of 12 in Appaloosa breed (with this picture even!! - I'll get a better one eventually).
OF Breyer SM Citation - '98 SR
Any ideas on the name of this pattern (darker spots on rump)? What about the color? Looks kinda "chestnut-y" but not quite.. He needs to be pedigreed too!
OF Breyer "Rojo" - Walmart SR
This is a horrible picture - she disappears into the background!
This girl needs to be pedigreed!
OF Breyer SM lying foal - '98 SR
This little filly will probably never be shown either, but she sure is cute. =)
Rhyme and Reason
OF Breyer SM running foal
Shown as an Appaloosa filly.
She has placed 2nd many times, but has never made it higher than that.