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Some of these models need to be pedigreed. If you can help please let me know! =)

El Mirage
OF Breyer old mold SM Arab stallion
Shown as an Arabian gelding.
He's only been shown for a couple months now, but has a few firsts and was overall light breed champion once.
He needs parents!
OF Breyer Huck Bey.
Shown as a young Arabian stallion. He places well even in large classes (up to 90 or more entries). I know this is a bad pic, but I can't find my disc with the rest of my pics anywhere!
Finders Keepers
OF Breyer Classic Black Stallion
I don't think this is a mold that wins a lot of shows, but he does pretty well for himself considering.
Double Helix
OF Breyer Sagr
I know this mold has some (a lot) of problems, but I love it. This guy's actually done a lot better in the show ring than I expected. He's placed 1st a few times and was overall group shot champ with this photo.
Simply Sensational
OF Breyer Sagr
This one shows even better than my other Sagr model. Surprise Surprise.
OF Breyer Johar - '93 TRU SR
She does alright in the showring. I don't show her much anymore, and this year will probably be her last. She did place 10th out of 204 entries once though.
OF Breyer Johar
Woo hoo another bad picture - she blends in with the background. She shows pretty well for her mold though.
OF Breyer Trad. Black Stallion.
Shown as an Arabian mare.
She was only shown a couple times last year. She placed in all classes though and even won a small "gray mares" class.
Freedom Fyre
OF Breyer CAF - '93 TRU SR
Shown as an Arabian filly.
She hasn't been shown much. She's placed 1st and 2nd a couple times and was overall group shot reserve champ with this picture.