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Saddlebreds and Other Gaited

Some of these models need to be pedigreed. If you can help please let me know! =)

OF Breyer SM old mold ASB.
Has been shown once so far as "Immortal Vision" and will continue to show, I'm just not sure if I'll keep that name. She placed 1st out of 20 in OF ASB/MFT/TWH, and 4th out of 33 in OF med./dark gray. Not to shabby for her first show. She needs parents!
Fiery Command
OF Breyer LB ASB.
Shown as an ASB gelding.
I screwed up this year so he's being shown as "Swingmatism" instead of his name. He actually places pretty well for what he is.
Sultan's Black Winter
OF Breyer LB ASB
Shown as an ASB mare.
She places well in color classes.
Lady Sonterra
OF Breyer SM new ASB
She generally places well in all classes.
OF Breyer SM new ASB
She doesn't usually place as well as the rest of my new mold SM ASBs that are shown as Saddlebreds, but she still does fairly well.
Golden Gypsy
OF Breyer SM new ASB
She's placed in some pretty large classes (up to about 70) and places well in smaller classes.
Classic Request
OF Breyer SM new ASB
She places pretty well. She's been 1st a few times and was Overall other breed/half breed champion once.
Premium Unleaded
OF Breyer SM prancing foal
The highest he's ever placed is 2nd, but that's okay with me. =)
Midnight Hymn
OF Breyer MFT
Shown as a MFT gelding.
He is one of my best showers. He always places, usually in the top 5. He made it to TOPSA's top 10 list in 2001 and has been overall other gaited champion twice so far this year.
High Velocity
OF Breyer new trad. ASB
Shown as a Spotted Saddle Horse stallion
This boy shows very well. He's placed 1st-3rd many times.
He needs parents!!