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Part Arabians

Some of these models need to be pedigreed. If you can help please let me know! =)

OF Breyer old mold SM Arab stallion
Shown as a Part-Arab gelding.
He's been shown once under a name I won't be keeping and placed in both breed (half-Arab) and color.
He needs parents! (possibly Arab X QH?)
Erroneous Answer
OF Breyer Huck Bey
Shown as a Morab gelding.
Yes I have 2 Hucks. =) This boy always places well. (better than the one I show as a purebred Arabian)
He needs parents!
Flying Colours
OF Breyer NSH
Shown as an NSH mare
She places very well. She's placed 1st a few times and has been overall pinto color reserve champ.
She needs parents!
Irish Zephyr
OF Breyer SM new Morgan
Shown as an NSH gelding
He places very well unless the only thing he's competing against are a bunch of Stone Arabs. =)
Music Maestro
OF Breyer Sham
Shown as a Pintabain gelding
This boy places very well, but unfortunately the highest he's ever placed is 2nd.
OF Breyer Classic Black Stallion
Shown as a Part Arab gelding.
He hasn't been shown much, but he's done pretty well.
Barbary Twist
OF Micro Mini
I showed him once for the heck of it and he actually placed.
OF Breyer Lady Roxana
Shown as an Ara-Appaloosa mare
She was shown a few times last year and did alright. She did place 8th out of 288 entries in Non-regular run Breyers larger than SM size.
Golden Opportunity
OF Breyer SM prancing foal
Shown as an NSH filly
This little girl shows very well.
OF Breyer SM standing foal
Shown as a Welara filly
She shows well. She's placed 1st a few times.
She needs parents!
OF Breyer Running foal
Shown as a Morab colt
He was shown some last year and maybe a few times in the beginning of this year but I can't find my records on him right now..