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Peywey's Fire (Fire Hawk x Peywey's Katrina, by Peywey's Hawk) 1980 chestnut. Breyer OF #713259. Lines to Upwey Ben Don, Jetstone, Paddlebrook Sigmalect, Lady Hawk. Bred by October Moon Acres. Unshown. FFC: 1983

Made You Look (Tom Sawyer x Riverview Perfect Lily, by Royalton Perfection) 1981 flaxen liver chestnut. Breyer OF SM new mold Morgan. Lines to Lippitt Ethan Ash, Lippitt Ashmore. Bred by WMHS. PS won. FFC: 1984.

Musical Acroyali (Mazzolini's Musical Ash x Peywey's Katrina, by Peywey's Hawk) 1985 chestnut. Breyer OF SM Morgan #5150. Bred by October Moon Acres. Unshown. FFC: 1988

Rillito (El Dolenzio x Grand Ennui, by Single Special Rose) 1987 bay. Breyer OF 702697. Lines to Wendon. Bred by Sweetwater Ranch. Unshown. FFC: 1990

Silent Dream (Snicker's Dream x Quiet Night, by Clarion Of Quietude ) 1995 buckskin. Breyer OF LB #1602. Lines to Criterion, Waseeka's Killarny, King O'Hara, UVM Promise. Bred by Erynuvial Acres. PS placed. FFC: 1998


Golden Riverview (Upwey Gold x Riverview Rachel, by Riverview Benjamin Pratt) 1985 bay. Breyer OF SM scampering foal #5994. Lines to Upwey Ben Don, Goldfiled, Mansfield, Merry Knox. Bred by Hideaway Valley Stables. PS placed. Open 1989, 91, 93-97, 99-2000, 2002+

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DISCLAIMER:This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Saguaro Pointe Stables are either models or paper identities only. Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a after the name.