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Saguaro Pointe Stables
Model Horses
Starting Friday, Sept. 13th, I will not be accepting breeding requests until further notice. I've gotten completely bogged down with school, and hate making people wait a month or longer for their certificates. =) Sorry for any inconvenience!

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New horses added: May 18, 2002
Mares' open years updated: September 13, 2002

Appaloosas Arabians Draft Breeds*
Gaited Breeds* Mixed/Grade Horses Morgans
Mustangs* Paint Horses Part Arabians*
Pony Breeds* Quarter Horses Spanish Breeds*
Thoroughbreds/Standardbreds Warmbloods/Sporthorses* Other Breeds*
= New horses added to section during last update
*Draft = Clydesdales only right now
*Gaited = ASBs and MFTs
*Mustangs = Includes Spanish and Kiger Mustangs
*Part-Arab = Includes Morabs, Pinto Part-Arabs, NSH, etc.
*Pony = Chincoteague only right now
*Spanish = Lusitano only right now
*WB/Sport = App/Pinto Sporthorses, DWB, Trak.
*Other = Shagya Arab only right now
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DISCLAIMER:This is a model horse site. All horses mentioned on these pages that are owned by Saguaro Pointe Stables are either models or paper identities only. Any real horses mentioned are for pedigree research purposes only and are denoted with a after the name.