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The Herd

I started collecting about 15 years ago, quit for 5 years or more, and got hooked again less than a year ago. Because of that "break" though many of my older horses are in storage, and because of moving some of my newer ones are in boxes way in the back of my attic. On these pages you'll see most of the horses that I've been able to get out. I collect mostly OF Breyers, but also have 1 BHR resin, and a few CMs. I don't own any Stones, although I hope to change that soon.

Some of the horses on these pages need to be pedigreed. If you see something you might be able to help with I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know. I've also created a separate page for horses that I need to assign a breed to before I pedigree them - if you have any ideas on those I'd really appreciate that too!

Also, I only photo show right now, so if I mention a horse being shown that's what I'm talking about.

(Only colored links will work. I'm putting pages up as I finish them.)

[Horses Needing Breeds]

[Appaloosas] [Arabians] [Part Arabs] [ASBs and Other Gaited] [Draft Breeds]
[Mixed/Grade] [Morgans] [Mustangs] [Paint Horses] [Ponies] [Quarter Horses]
[TBs/STBs] [Warmbloods/Sporthorses] [Other Pure Breeds]